5 Tips To Avoid Acidity Problems

5 Tips To Avoid Acidity Problems


Acidity is a common health problem that affects many people. Usually, when your body is unable to digest food, it develops acidity. But not all people get affected by acidity. Your stomach creates acid that helps to digest foods. But when the stomach produces more quantity of acid than its requirement, you may have acidity problems.

The simple solution to get help from acidity is to change your diet style as well as your overall lifestyle. Taking fast foods, and not maintaining a diet routine can badly affect your digestive system which forms acidity. If you are suffering from acidity for more than a couple of days, then visiting a gastroenterologist in Guwahati can help to get resolve your acidity problem.

Now if you have acidity you can immediately follow up these important five steps to get relief:

Sleep On Left Side

Whenever you are going to sleep, make sure to sleep on your left side as it helps to decrease acidity problems and also helps to digest food better. When you take food it passes through the esophagus and then go to the stomach for digestion.

If you sleep on your right side, then you might face digestion issues as the esophagus expose acid to digest food but it back up to your throat and you face acidity, heartburn, sleep disorder as well as digestion disorder. Thus, sleeping left side is a good sign for your health and it also helps unnecessary health trouble without visiting a doctor.

Take Early Dinner

Nowadays, many people make a habit of taking meal time late especially, dinner which has a great effect on our health.  Dinner always has to be taken early at night. But modern people are unable to care for this routine and as a result, they face different health issues including acidity.

The logic behind taking dinner early is, it helps to digest food. Taking meal lately not only disturbs your inner health functions but also create critical health problems that may suffer later in life. Thus, try to take dinner early and make a healthy routine to take food so that it digests quickly.

Eat More Frequently

Many people eat heavy meals three times a day which is good but not suits everyone. Doctors suggest eating meals more frequently is far better instead of following old eating rules. This means when you eat a heavy meal at a certain period of time, your body might not guarantee to digest well.

Some people when grow younger or older face acidity issues when following the eating rules of three heavy meals. Thus, doctors always recommend eating frequently so that your body can digest food and you are living an acidity-free life.

Maintain Body Weight

Sometimes overweight can cause acidity problems therefore one should always have to maintain his/her health. This is because excess body fat creates pressure in your abdominal area and as a result, it develops GERD and acid reflux. For quick help, visit a gastroenterologist in Guwahati and follow up on the doctor’s suggestion to get safe.

Quit Alcohol & Smoking

Consuming too much alcohol and smoking is 100% injurious to your health. Thus, you should avoid these habits to get safe from developing any further health issues including acidity.

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