Best Foods To Avoid Fatty Liver Disease

Best Foods To Avoid Fatty Liver Disease


Your body consumes and preserves fat for energy and covering the liver. While the amount of fat increases in the liver, it is considered a fatty liver disease. Dietary changes are the first thing to cure the disease.

Mainly two types of fatty liver disease hurt people which include alcoholic fatty liver and non-alcoholic fatty liver, however, due to pregnancy sometimes women face fatty liver disease.

Visit a gastrology doctor in Guwahati, who can suggest to you which one you are affected by and what your diet is right now. Fatty liver disease destroys the function of the liver. Below is a list of food that is harmful to your fatty liver disease:


Excessive consumption of alcohol can decrease your life span, and it is also harmful to your liver. alcohol induces fat in the liver and creates cirrhosis. You should quit alcohol completely to cure fatty liver disease.


A recent study suggests that people who have fatty liver should limit added sugar in food. It increases blood sugar levels which is harmful for cirrhosis also. Candy, ice cream, soda, and fruit juices are good sources of added sugar. Even baked food, packaged food, coffee, and tea bought from stalls also used added sugar. Apart from these avoid fructose and corn syrup that can cure you early.

Salty Beverages

Excessive consumption of fried, fatty, salty junk food can increase your calorie intake and as a result, obesity is common to you. Obesity is one of the important causes of fatty liver disease. Make a habit of bake, boil, and sautte food in your diet plan. Add extra spices to your dish instead of excess salt to enhance its taste.


Saturated fat generally induces fat to all the organs including health. Beef, pork, and red meat are good sources of saturated fat. Avoid it during treatment sessions and get cured early. Instead of red meat eat lean meat, small fish, tofu etc. As some fishes contain omega-3- 3 fatty acids, that is healthy for you.

Refined Grains

White bread, white pasta, and white rice are perfect instances of refined grains, as producers cut out fiber from these products. Refined grains can increase blood glucose levels which your body breaks down.

People who have a habit of taking small amounts of refined grains have a lower risk of metabolic disease. You should consume legumes, potatoes, and whole grains instead of refined grains.

While diet and exercise cannot be enough for you, consult the best gastrology doctor in Guwahati immediately. The doctor may plan a special diet chart with the help of a nutritionist and advise you on medications.

Your healthcare provider initially examines you to determine whether you have high blood pressure, high sugar, or high cholesterol along with fatty liver. Treatment is planned along with this state.

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